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This pivotal event signifies our choir’s first appearance in nearly a decade, marking a resurgence from the unexpected pause in 2020 brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The tour is more than a return to the global stage; it’s a symbol of rejuvenation for our choir and a vital opportunity for emerging talents as part of our “Rising with Purpose” initiative, introduced in 2022.

As we train and fine-tune our new young singers to perform in the Gospel Category, we regard the competition as a portal to transformative experiences for our members. It opens doors to unparalleled exposure, avenues for personal and artistic development, and the opportunity to engage with and learn from peers worldwide.

The Rise Up Tour is about kindling passion, driving community impact, and setting the foundation for future successes individually and collectively. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we aim to elevate the next generation of young people to unprecedented levels of excellence and achievement.


  • Students will receive intensive training to hone their vocal abilities, musicality, and performance skills, preparing them for the rigorous competition at the World Choir Games.
  • Exposure to diverse musical styles and compositions will broaden their understanding and appreciation of choral music, enriching their overall musicianship.
  • Participating in the World Choir Games offers young people a unique opportunity to engage with peers from around the globe, fostering a rich cultural exchange that broadens their social and global perspectives from an early age. Such exposure extends their understanding beyond their immediate surroundings, preparing them for a life that transcends their current environment. Opportunities of this scale not only instill young people with a sense of purpose but also the experience of achieving something greater than themselves. This prepares them to dream big and continue striving for and realizing significant achievements as adults.
  • Through travel and interaction, students will gain an education in the heritage, language, customs, traditions, and artistic expressions of various cultures, thereby enhancing their cultural literacy and sensitivity towards the people of the countries they visit, as well as those from many other nations.
  • The collaborative nature of choir performance will strengthen teamwork skills, while leadership opportunities within the tour will cultivate leadership qualities among students.
  • Facing the challenges of competition and performing on an international stage will build resilience and boost confidence, traits that are invaluable throughout life.
  • Through the tour, students will be inspired to understand the power of music as a tool for community building and social change, motivating them to use their talents for greater purposes.
  • The experiences and values gained from this journey will encourage students to pursue excellence in all aspects of their lives, with a deep-seated desire to contribute positively to society.
  • By aiming to secure $500,000 in funding, we ensure that every choir member can participate in this life-changing experience without financial barriers, making it truly inclusive.
  • Equipping our choir to compete at the highest level not only sets the stage for potential victory at the World Choir Games but also prepares students for future success in both their personal and professional lives.


Secure financial support to make the trip to New Zealand.

Provide young talents with global exposure and cultural exchange.

Motivate young singers to embrace the power of music.

Attract new singers from our community to join the journey.

Reestablish our presence in the community and unlock our potential.



To effectively track progress and success for the Rise Up Tour, setting clear, measurable goals and objectives is crucial. Here are some tailored to the aims of inspiring, equipping, and nurturing a new generation of youth performers:

  • By the end of May 2024, conduct at least 10 comprehensive sessions focusing on vocal training, stage presence, artistic coordination, and musicality.
  • Ensure at least 80% of choir members achieve a predetermined proficiency level in music performance and vocal techniques before the competition.
  • Conduct pre- and post-event surveys to measure at least a 20% increase in members’ self-reported skills and confidence levels.
  • Because of UNITY’s impact in their lives, students develop a desire to do more things that are bigger than themselves as they grow older.
  • Document and showcase individual member growth stories through at least ten feature articles or videos by the end of the World Choir Games.
  • Facilitate interactions with at least five international choirs during the World Choir Games for cultural exchange and learning.
  • Inspire students to meet, learn, and embrace other singers during their involvement in the World Choir Games.
  • Secure at least two performance opportunities on international stages beyond the competition.
  • Initiate and complete at least three community service projects or performances that benefit local communities by July 2024.
  • Increase social media following and engagement by 50% to enhance community impact and outreach.
  • Achieve a GOLD placement in the Gospel Category at the World Choir Games.
  • Attain a performance score improvement of at least 10% from previous choir competitions.


These goals and objectives are designed to guide the choir towards excellence at the World Choir Games and ensure a holistic development approach that benefits each member personally and artistically.

  • By July 2024, ensure all choir members have participated in specialized training sessions tailored to enhancing performance skills for the World Choir Games.
  • Establish a mentorship program pairing each choir member with an alumni mentor to foster personal and artistic growth.
  • Develop a comprehensive portfolio for the choir by the commencement of the World Choir Games, highlighting their journey, achievements, and learnings from the Rise Up Tour.
  • Provide each child with a life-changing education and cultural experience that will fuel them for a life of successful opportunities.