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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The Voices of Unity Youth Choir, known for its inspirational performances and commitment to youth empowerment, will be competing at the World Choir Games in Auckland, New Zealand, this coming July.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Voices of Unity Youth Choir faced significant challenges, including the departure of over 40 students who went off to college during a period of inactivity. This period could have marked the end of their story, but instead, it became the beginning of a true Cinderella story. In 2022, UNITY launched the “Rising With Purpose Rebuilding Initiative.” This initiative aimed to foster new growth, enhance visibility, and ensure the organization’s sustainability. Mirroring the classic Cinderella narrative, this successful membership drive marked a transformative rebirth for the choir, attracting a fresh wave of talented students and symbolizing a hopeful new chapter in its history.

The unthinkable happened when, in September 2023, media officials from New Zealand extended an invitation for the choir to compete in the 2024 World Choir Games. After thorough deliberation, the board and staff decided to embark on this remarkable journey with the choir’s new lineup, turning what seemed like distant dreams into reality.

The “RISE UP TOUR” is more than just a return to the international stage after a decade; it showcases the exceptional talent and resilience of the choir’s newest members. These singers are set to compete in the Gospel Music Category at the World Choir Games, driven by a mission to achieve victory and proudly represent their community and nation on a global platform.

But this story goes beyond maintaining a legacy of excellence and gold medal victories. The Rise Up Tour aims to offer these young talents unparalleled life experiences. For most new members, this will be their first journey abroad, an adventure that promises rigorous training, character and work ethic development, cultural exposure, and the confidence that comes with competing internationally. This tour is poised to be a life-changing journey, enriching their lives in countless ways and affirming that focus, hard work, and a bit of magic can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

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